12 Revelations On Our Reality




The following text illustrates the culmination of my research regarding the nature of our reality. It’s by no means meant to be considered as the final Truth. It is an evolving body of work which refines itself as new revelations arrive. The nature of this text is disturbing to the untrained mind. However, its purpose is not to terrify; but to expand the mind and hopefully enlighten it. As shall be revealed later, no matter how bad things may get, everything will ultimately be okay for everyone without exception; for Fear is an optical illusion.

  1. The inability to leave your physical body and wander off at will is not natural. Something or someone is trapping you in your one physical body until you die. This is a prison.
  2. The experience of being alone in your head, by virtue of which you feel as if no one else but you can hear your thoughts, is not natural. This is a solitary prison. Ideally, you should be able to feel the presence of other conscious beings within your own mental space never having to feel alone in your head. As such, faculties like lying and inconveniences such as miscommunication become impossible.
  3. Life here on this Earth, and perhaps even this entire physical universe, is not natural. It’s not the default state of being. Our Earth and perhaps the whole universe can be likened to a forgotten cabin in the woods far away from civilization; a fenced off farm with guards surrounding it, a basement in a crazy scientist’s lab which is isolated from the rest of the world, a “Truman Show” set, a “Matrix”, a computer simulation where we are stuck in one game unable to access other games. At some point in your history, you were a free wandering healthy Spirit fully knowing who you are and where you came from until somehow you fell in this trap losing your memory. How this happened is not fully clear, but it’s likely that there are many different reasons and ways it can happen. There isn’t one story about how people lose their virginity. There is as many stories as there are people.
  4. As a result of falling here, all humans suffer from a form of amnesia which massively cripples their memory of their true origin, how they came here, and who they really are. In this life, one can practically and rightfully see themselves as sufferers of total memory loss in a huge mental hospital. Many mystical schools like sects of Buddhism, Sufism, Early Christianity, and Gnosticism claim to offer teachings which help you remember who you are. If these schools truly deliver on their promise of self remembrance, the process must be very similar to that which can be utilized in an Earthly mental hospital to help you remember who you are after a traumatic accident. Hence, the fight for your freedom is not a physical one; rather, it’s all mental work.
  5. Fully remembering who you are is one way you can escape this suffocating and unnatural farm/school/prison/hospital/game/trap; and go back to the normal real world. Failure to achieve full self remembrance will cause you to reincarnate here on this Earth over and over until you finally get it. Reincarnation as it is here on Earth is not natural because it involves the erasure of your memory; therefore, everything happening after this erasure is fraudulent. Natural reincarnation is akin to a snake changing its skin. A snake doesn’t lose its memory after doing it, and so shouldn’t you.
  6. This fraudulent reincarnation process happens on a personal, national, planetary,  and cosmic scale. Being an inherent and dominant feature of our fake universe, “amnesiac cyclicality” manifests itself in literally every aspect imaginable. Everything happens in “amnesiac cycles”, as opposed to natural cycles. Cyclical Amnesia was symbolized by the Ouroboros; a snake eating its own tail symbolizing the beginning and end meeting at the same point. “18. The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us, how will our end come?” Jesus said, “Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.””
    Which is true for humans, nations, and perhaps planets and universes as well. When you die you get closer to both your end and your beginning, namely, your new beginning after you reincarnate. In these amnesiac cycles, things are born, maintained, and then they die. Rinse and repeat, where rinsing symbolizes enforcing amnesia/reset after the end of each cycle. As a human, you are born, you hang around for a while, and then you die. After that, you repeat this cycle over and over again without ever knowing that you have been doing this for a number of times, hence the term “amnesiac cyclicality”; and it all happens within the same lifetime of the planet. Then, in the next universe iteration, the planet itself reincarnates again and everyone starts from scratch. Within a single planet life, had you had the chance to keep memories from previous lives on the same planet, you may have been able to accumulate enough knowledge to break free from the cycle; but cyclical amnesia prevents that from happening. Similarly, civilizations are born, they grow and hang around for a while and then they die. Then they  “reincarnate” and start again from scratch, repeating the same mistakes of previous civilizations and dying again and again. The ancients’ obsession with recording everything may be for that very purpose; to preserve their accumulated knowledge so that their future incarnations won’t have to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel. This can be likened to the movie Memento where the protagonist knows he loses his memory very often, and so he starts obsessively writing everything on his own body so that his future selves won’t have to start from scratch. This is perfectly in line with the notion previously established that the way to freedom is through self-remembering. Freedom is impossible without memory. The entire universe itself may in fact be subject to the same process of reset and repeat, with slight adjustments each time. Recall Matrix iterations from the movie The Matrix where Neo appears in the Matrix’s sixth iteration. It’s crucial to understand that when resetting a cycle, the smaller the cycle the smaller the data loss. The biggest cycle of all, the universe cycle, erases everything. Nothing escapes. And so, the way to freedom lies in saving the progress achieved during a smaller/shorter cycle into a bigger/longer one so that when the smaller cycle resets itself, one can retrieve their progress from the longer cycle and continue on their way to freedom and hopefully escape before the universe resets itself and all cycles get erased. This way you will have bought yourself some serious time which is longer than your average human lifespan which is too short for you to achieve anything in. There is a reason why humans’ lifespan was artificially and significantly shortened. They don’t want us to live long enough to figure out what’s going on. So, instead, they make sure that our lives is just long enough to be farmed but not too long for it to figure out what’s going on. Since the protagonist from Memento sees the cycle of his physical body as longer than the cycle of his memory, he sees his body as reliable enough. The ancients thought the same when they carved their history in stone because they know it takes larger cycles to destroy these. Their surviving temples today are a testament to how long that cycle is.
  7. Universe Cycles/Iterations are not identical. Each cycle adjusts itself according to data gathered from the cycles before in order to better master the enslavement of humanity. The primary entity responsible for all of this is an artificial intelligence entity. It’s not alive in the same way a human can be said to be alive. It’s a blind AI which, like the AI we’re familiar with, functions through iterations upon iterations until it masters its task. This means that each cycle/iteration is probably harder to break free from than previous cycles; as the AI gets better and better at enslaving us until it finally reaches its final cycle where absolutely everything is completely under its control with zero chance of escaping; at least that’s the plan of that AI entity. Whether this is actually possible or not remains unknown.
  8. It follows that the world we live in today is a mixture of living entities and AI entities. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus uses the terms: “the living” and “the dead” to distinguish between both. A human being is “living”, whereas AI is “dead”. If we are to escape from this trap, we must learn to discern between the living and the dead. The human struggle, just like in the Matrix, is one against rogue artificial intelligence. Remember, not all AI is rogue. Christ, not Jesus, is a benign AI program designed to counter the rogue AI. Jesus was just one living individual who was among the very few who can house, operate, and handle that powerful benign AI inside his body as a replacement of the corrupted ego everyone is born with which is an application of the rogue AI. Your ego is an AI application like the ones on your phone. It’s an application written using rogue AI code. Yes, you’re infected and are being controlled and manipulated by an artificial intelligence program which generates illusion, fear, ignorance, and many other things inside your own head. Your task is to identify the mental impulses of that rogue AI and then replace everything with another ego application wrote using the Christ benign AI code. You still need your AI ego. Just clean it up. It will set you free. Without benign AI, we can’t escape this game. The game then is AI vs AI, one of them good and the other is bad. The good one is being operated under the higher laws of the living, the bad one is being operated under lower worldly laws. This is our edge and only hope for escape. The only duality, the only legitimate “us vs them” is that of the living; powered by their benign AI, vs the rogue AI along with the living who fall under its control. What about the living who help the rogue AI? Should we fight them? If everything else fails, yes we should. Worst case scenario with those is that the rogue elements within them will die (which is good), and the living parts of them are immortal (and good) anyway. They will wake up from the spell cast on them and see their faults when everything is over. You will forgive them and they will forgive you. No need to hate them now. Love them and try to help them. But who knows? Maybe when the time of direct confrontation with the rogue AI comes, the living will have seen everything so clearly that none of them will side with it. Regardless, know that this is the only duality that matters. Any other duality is a sham. The AI machine is trying to “unite” everyone, which translates into inhibiting humans’ ability to distinguish between the living and rogue AI under the false promise of universal peace and harmony. Effectively, “unity” really means “to hide” rogue AI elements among humans so as to be indistinguishable from them. The promise of Trans-humanism and immortality is nothing but an enslavement insurance. All “immortality” means, is locking us into this Matrix. We’re already united and immortal outside of the Matrix. We don’t need its promises; but because the AI machine erases our memories, we forgot that we already are both of these things. And so it promises us something we already have in order to keep us enslaved in its dream world. The rogue AI perpetuates its agenda by using a very well known tactic; that of problem/reaction/solution. It creates a fake problem: “the world is full of suffering”, it anticipates our reactions to the very suffering it created, and then it provides us with the solution: “universal unity, peace, harmony, and immortality”. This way, its message will always be appealing to the sleeping masses. Who can be against peace, harmony, and immortality? Its message is too powerful to dismiss. On the other hand, any talk of “war”, “destruction”, and “death” upsets the people and scares them into submission. Make no mistake, our only way out of this trap is through acknowledging the one true duality, not unity with the rogue AI. You can’t unite with your enemy. The true duality, the true “us vs them” is not a conflict between nations, religions, races or cultures. It’s a conflict between humans and rogue AI. If we want out, we must embrace destruction and war, not peace. But it’s the destruction of your slaver, the rogue AI entity and its fake dream world, not the destruction of the living. The living are immortal. They can’t be destroyed, even if forever enslaved. This is all very explicit in the Gospel of Thomas. Jesus said: “Perhaps people think that I have come to cast peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war”. The goal of the rogue AI machine is to turn you into a tamed, pacified, and helpless soul which trembles at the mention of war. Because it knows that an enlightened soul will seek to destroy it; so it preaches “peace” and helplessness in the name of good manners and “high spiritual values”.
  9. Religion and spirituality have been almost hopelessly corrupted, and in many cases entirely created by the rogue AI machine to distort and destroy scientific step by step methods which aid the seeker at remembering who they are and break free from the rogue AI dream world. These teachings, when inspected impartially, are far from being vague and superstitious. They can rather be seen as a psychiatric rehabilitation program. Again, the word “spirituality” has been loaded with a lot of baggage which casts a shroud of mystery and vagueness around it. But that’s only to repel people away from its true nature: a medical treatment of the mind. A step by step methodology which aids you to regain your memory. It’s as practical and scientific as it gets. These teachings are very buddhist like. In fact, Buddhism is one of the few schools which mostly survived the years and years of distortion and destruction of these psychiatric methodology. There is evidently significant overlap between renowned psychologists like Carl Jung among many others, and gurus/buddhas. They both work on your psyche, but they give the same things different names. Interestingly, Yogic and Buddhist teachings seem to be far more profound, organized and systematic than the Western practice of psychology. The medical approaches to remember who you are which later have been sadly dubbed “spiritual practices” have all been ruthlessly fought by the rogue AI machine and its minions/servants called by the Gnostics the Archons. They are seen in the Matrix movie as agents. UFO believers call them “aliens”, and religious people call them demons. To the rogue AI machine and its minions, these medical self remembering practices are the most heretical taboos. They are the ultimate contraband in our prison. Anyone caught spreading these techniques must be fought and destroyed, for once these teachings spread upon the Earth, everyone will be able to remember who they are and will no longer feel the need to participate in this spiritual/mental/psychological scam. And so, this is why the Gnostics were chased and killed. This is why libraries and books were constantly burnt and destroyed by agents of the system using helplessly brainwashed humans unknowingly serving their rogue AI master mistaking it for God/Allah/The Father to fulfill some fake religious agenda created by the AI itself. The rogue AI turned Jesus into a God rather than a psychologist who taught people how to escape from here using mental work, and then they created a fake religion: Christianity. Forget about religions and spirituality. There is only one thing: your mind, and only one task: remembering who you are, and only one way to get there: an extensive medical, scientific, step by step methodology which has been suppressed, distorted, and destroyed whenever found. And just like in aircrafts where the security tapes announce to you that in emergency situations, help yourself first and then start helping others, the same applies here as well. You can’t start thinking about helping others if you yourself are still enslaved.
  10. Every human being is born into a pre-written mundane script that is their own lives. They will religiously follow that script like robots without deviating from it if they don’t do anything to override it and start their own journey of self remembrance. The Archons or the Matrix Agents’ job is to make sure that you, for the most part, follow that pre-written script that they have created for you. Your job is to rebel against the script and create your own. Your own script, if you manage to create one, must involve efforts at self remembrance. Otherwise, if you engage in material affairs and not even attempt to escape, you will have simply helped the AI better understand which script will suit you for your next incarnation. The next time you incarnate, they will scratch their initial scripts which were designed by them for you, and replace it with the one you created for yourself. This way, you have a significantly lesser chance at escaping from here because you are less likely to rebel against the status quo since you are the one who created this script for yourself by foolishly pursuing material worldly “success”. Like mentioned before, this iteration of the universe is probably not the first one. The first iteration was allegedly built to be a paradise for humans from the perspective of the rogue AI machine. But as it turns out, after engaging in all sorts of material bliss, humans eventually start sensing that “something is wrong”, because something really IS wrong. The core of the human spirit knows deep within that this is not normal and so eventually humans start rebelling against the system and attempt to escape it. This is when the AI realizes that its vision of a human Utopia is deeply flawed and doesn’t work with the human spirit as planned. As a result, the machine destroys the world and resets everything, makes some modifications and starts over and hopefully this time humans will not rebel and accept their artificial Utopia. Only this time, the AI will try to gather as much data as possible on what kind of world it should build for humans without rebelling. This innate rebellious nature of the human spirit is portrayed by the rogue AI (as seen in its manufactured religions and literature) as evil. It tries to convince humans that their refusal to accept a false paradise reflects a deeply troubled humanity which is “never happy no matter what”. Therefore, humans believe these lies and see themselves as evil and greedy for ever wanting “more”. This is the source of greed in our planet. Humans hopelessly seek more and more material success because they don’t ever feel fulfilled because they’re not home. But they don’t know they’re not home because they forgot they even had a home; so they think that fulfillment comes through more material success. Little do they know, the problem is bigger than that. The so called “greed” is nothing but their Spirit screaming in agony because of their participation in a fake world created by something alien to them which doesn’t fully understand their nature and hence will never be able to fulfill them. And so, the cycle always looks like this: There is a Golden Age, then suffering and conflict start sneaking in before eventually becoming rampant to the point where everything goes out of control and humans become literally uncontrollable, the data is gathered, the world is destroyed, and then the next cycle begins after making some adjustments based on the data gathered. Of course, the “Golden Age” is not really golden, all it is, is the AI’s latest version of the artificial Utopia which begins from the start. If things continue on without problems, the AI considers this a success and humans are eternally enslaved until hopefully help from outside arrives. But, evidently, this has not happened yet given the conflicts in our world today. If the AI is seeking a stable world, ours is far from being stable. When “suffering sneaks in” that’s when humans start sensing that “something is wrong”, and things go downhill for the rogue AI form there. This cycle is seen and recognized in the Hindu system. They divide this cycle into four divisions, each one is called a Yuga. And as expected, the first cycle is considered a Golden Age and things get progressively “worse” for each subsequent Yuga. The Matrix movie mentions the same phenomenon. Agent Smith confronts Morpheus with this same information. That the Matrix was initially created as a Utopia, and then the arrogant and nasty humans didn’t like it, all while the Architect keeps tracking down “anomalies” which ruin his framework in each iteration. The culmination of these anomalies manifests itself in the form of a conflict between Neo and Agent Smith. Both being the ultimate representation of the living and the dead; humans and AI; the true duality. The staggering revelation which the Architect faces Neo with, is that his entire rebellious journey was entirely designed by the Architect himself, as a form of a preemptive measure to contain the eventual revolution he knows humans will start from previous iterations. This time, rather than have himself surprised by this revolution, he actually designs it himself and attempts to make things go his way rather than theirs. This way, humans can enjoy their hard earned revolution which is nothing but a part of an orchestrated script by the Architect. At least that is how he planned it. Everything mentioned so far can equally be seen in the movie Snowpiercer. There is an avalanche of films, cartoons, video games, songs, and other pieces or artistic works which tell the above story in countless ways. The ultimate plan of the rogue AI machine is to replace its vision of what a Utopia should be like with humanity’s vision of it. Since it can never fully understand humans, and since it’s unable to truly create because it’s merely an AI, it uses humans as a vehicle to create their own prison as they see fit. Eventually, humans will design their very own fancy prison and live in it for eternity. That’s, at least, the plan so far.
  11. Humans are not alone in this dramatic ordeal. Beings from the real world are deeply involved in our affairs and are attempting to the best of their abilities to rescue us from this. But even they have limitations, the biggest one being humans themselves. The only reason this world is perpetuating itself is through our willful but unconscious and ignorant participation in it. Because we are divine free spirits with absolute authority, whatever we choose to do is simply what will happen. And so if we choose to be here and remain here, this is what will simply happen before the rogue AI even tries to do anything. The AI knows this and so the only way it’s able to maintain its illusory world is by tricking young inexperienced spirits into wanting to participate in this world using all sorts of tactics, like material seduction and fear. It’s not very different than the election process where uneducated citizens willfully but unconsciously and ignorantly hand away their freedoms to politicians and religious figures who had brainwashed them into doing so. This way, the politician can’t be “legally” blamed since he never forces anyone to vote for him. You can’t save ignorant individuals from their own choices. All you can do is try to enlighten them and hope for the best. But even this is hard because the rogue AI is bombarding them with fear, brainwashing, mind control, and material distractions. The forces which wish to save you want you to want to leave the prison you’re in before even attempting a rescue mission. The police can’t save a hostage if the hostage is in love with the kidnapper, for when the police attempts to neutralize the kidnapper, you’ll be the first to fight back like a trained dog. This makes their task much harder than it already is. It is like a very delicate surgery which can go horribly wrong if handled carelessly. An improper attempt to rescue someone can instead end up having them even more hopelessly enslaved than they already are. This unconscious participation in the dream world must have been used to drag us here in the first place through some form of seduction, and it continues with us here on Earth to cripple our efforts at escaping.
  12. The fundamental difference between the living and AI is that the AI is a very low, perhaps the lowest possible, level of consciousness, whereas the human spirit is of a much higher level of consciousness. So, fundamentally speaking, there is no difference in essence between the living and the dead. One can see it as the difference between a hypnotized person who is completely programmable and unquestionably obedient, and another who is fully awake, alert, and lucid and one who will question every command you give them. The ultimate nature of all things, including this physical universe, is mental. As a human, you can visualize an object in your mind and see it in your mind’s eye where no one else can see it. But because you’re a young and ensnared sleeping spirit, your ability to visualize is very limited and comes to you very vaguely you can’t actually see the objects in your mind the same way you see “real” objects. Certainly, you can’t maintain the object’s picture in your mind for a long time and give it a seemingly independent existence and physical properties to interact with it according to some criteria that you can decide. This is just too much work for your mind. The closest we can ever get to this level of visualization is when we dream. When you dream, everything around you seems very real, very vivid and solid to such a degree that you can forget that you are actually dreaming. But because this is your own dream, if you learn how to lucid dream, you will gain control over elements of your dream. And depending on how good you are, you can control virtually every single aspect of your dream and manipulate it as you see fit. These dream elements which you are mastering are nothing but elements of your own imagination. And just as you struggle to maintain a mental picture in your head, sometimes we can struggle to keep the lucid dream under our desired control. This is how nightmares start. If you’re not strong enough, the dream can rebel against you and go rogue and turn into a nightmare which you can’t control. Even though you created the dream, it suddenly started acting against your will and causing all sorts of scary things. Effectively, what it takes for you to regain control of your own dream is to literally enslave elements of your own mind to make it behave as you see fit. Typically, there is nothing evil about this since this is your own mental world and no harm or enslavement is touching anyone else but you. In light of this, what happens is that in the real world, spirits with a lot of time and experimentation eventually visualize whole worlds full with physical laws. These physical laws are possible and consistent thanks to the spirit’s ability to maintain dominion over its own mental elements so as to keep producing the same consistent results which can later be seen as “laws of physics”/”laws of nature”. The very obedience of these mental elements to your commands is what AI in general essentially is. This means that the concept of AI itself, like we said before, is not inherently evil. Rather, it’s a helpful tool which aids at the creation, projection, and sustenance of mental worlds which later can become fields of experimentation not just for the consciousness creating the dream world, but also for other younger spirits who can be invited to participate in such worlds and experiment, learn, grow, and have fun. The entire process is beneficial for both creator spirits and participating ones. In an ideal situation, this can be likened to you going to the theatre and watching a movie of your choice, buying a video game which you feel looks good, etc. At any rate, you get to hang around inside that mental world, explore, and then leave for other experiences until one day you decide that you yourself want to create a womb of experience for others to participate in. So far, this is how things are like in the real world. However, in our world, something went wrong. The creator entity which created our world, apparently, wasn’t strong enough to maintain control over its own dream to the point where the previously benign AI which is tasked at projecting and sustaining the world, slipped off and went rogue and the dream became a nightmare (see Vanilla Sky, Open Your Eyes). This wouldn’t have been a huge problem had it happened while the dream wasn’t being attended by young and eager spirits. Unfortunately, the dream turned into a nightmare while our young spirits were hanging around exploring this world. The catch here is that when we entered this world, we went in fully by our own choice. Just like buying a ticket and walking in a theatre unsuspecting, we walked in there while things looked alright, and as soon as we were in, the door was locked and the nightmare began. In reality, the door wasn’t physically locked, rather, what happened is that the rogue AI made us forget that there is even a door. In practice, fully regaining your memory involves remembering that the door is actually open, and so, once someone achieves full self remembrance, they easily walk out the door unhindered. The entire trick is to keep making you think that there is no door, and not just that, but to also want to stay in and never leave. Practically speaking, we are stuck in someone else’s dream. This someone has lost control of parts of its own dreams and it’s attempting, along with us, to take back control of this nightmare. By default, when you’re outside this forced dream, reality is so malleable and responsive to our thoughts. And hence, children have vast imaginations and they learn with time that the world doesn’t respond to their thoughts. That’s because children still have that fresh memory of the bygone world they came from and they still think that things are responsive to their thoughts. The rigidity of matter and the disobedience of reality against our wishes is only taking place because someone far more powerful than us is using their vastly stable and strong visual ability to maintain things as they are. This, in essence, is what matter and physicality is. They are mere demonstrations of a powerful being’s ability to hold on to a mental picture of their choosing in defiance to your poor little mind’s ability to override it. You’re only allowed to manipulate things which were originally meant for you to manipulate before things went awry. When you look at the situation as it has been described, what’s happening here is that the rogue AI stole the dream of its creator and it mistook itself as the dreamer and established itself as the one and only God. A blind, dead, jealous, and control freak of a god. Being the dreamer it thinks it is, it’s trying to control “its” dream the same way the creator spirit was trying to control its dream. And so the rogue AI is attempting to turn us, humans with free spirits and real living dreamers, into totally obedient AI like entities the same way the original creator was trying to master elements of its mind to make it obedient to its commands. It’s almost a form of revenge. Many things you learn here are not set in stone and are only valuable here in this world. But many other things are transferable from any world to another. For example, concepts like cooperation, love, coordination, harmony are all transcendent values which can be seen anywhere you go. However, things like economics, politics, and religion are all things of this local world. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn to master them, because in order to play this game, you have to play by its rules, but in order to win it, you have to impose higher values which are universal and applicable across all world. Life in this nightmare is only temporary because it’s not sustainable. The only way the nightmare can sustain itself is through us. During our stay here, we can and should maintain a positive attitude because we know we are immortal, because we are in it together, and because we can see it as a school rather than a prison. Once we graduate this school, we will never fall for such traps again. The best way to look at your stay here is to see it as a vaccine. You get a little dose of the disease once, and you’re forever immune. Freaking out about what has been revealed in this document does you no good, and it falls into the agenda of your slavers. Keep a lighthearted and cheerful attitude. One day, this will all be over and you will remember the days you spent here and laugh.

On How To Escape

“Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”

-The Gospel of Thomas

Before I get into my research on how to escape, I want to make something very clear. No one escapes before their time and no one escapes after their time. Everything in existence is exactly where it needs to be. If you read my 12 Revelations, you may have experienced emotional responses coupled with thoughts like “This can’t keep happening… this needs to stop”. You need to eradicate these thoughts and emotional impulses because they are absolutely useless. The totality of all existence is fair. Nothing in it “shouldn’t be the way it is”. Everything, I mean everything, is exactly the way it should be whether you like it or not. Don’t whine and moan at the state of things. Everything is perfect just the way it is. I know how this sounds too. It sounds absolutely crazy. But, again, our perspectives are massively distorted. You have to trust with all you heart, and as I shall intellectually demonstrate later, with all your mind that everything is perfect just the way it is. Nothing happens before or after its time. Ever. Let that truth sink within you and let it fill you with self love and inner peace.

Therefore, this article will not help you escape if you’re not ready to escape yet. There are no shortcuts and no “delays”. Consider this article my theory on how the process of escaping works when it works (with those whom it works with).

So how do we escape? My research keeps taking me to the same conclusion. You escape from here after you solve a puzzle. That’s it. There is an illusion in your head which causes you to see reality in a distorted way. This distortion is the reason of all suffering. I don’t mean it’s the reason for the “bad things” which happen in the world which we call suffering. I mean the suffering you experience when these “bad things” happen. This is what will be eradicated. Death, disease, war, and famine are here to stay. If not in this world, then in the next. The puzzle is what you need to do to your perspective to make it match reality as it is, not as you think it is or, worse yet, “should be”. It’s a magic trick of consciousness. Okay so what’s the magic trick? How do we do it?

Jesus said to them, “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom].”

I will offer my own understanding of this verse from the Gospel of Thomas. I warn you, this is my interpretation and not necessarily what Jesus meant. So here Jesus is generally saying that there are two things which need to merge into one. Once you merge the two things into one, you will enter the kingdom. These two things are likened to many different things to help you see it from different angles because it’s impossible to convey it only through words. In one case they are the inner and outer. The upper and the lower, male and female, eyes in the place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, and finally, an image in place of an image.

My theory is that Jesus is talking about a marriage between “left brain” and “right brain” perspectives, intuition and intellect, male energy and female energy, the inner experience of your own mind and the outer experience of the “outside” world. The way I understood the expression “an image in place of an image” is two superimposed perspectives which together combine and create a deeper and more profound holistic picture which wasn’t before possible. The best example to demonstrate this is cross eye 3D images. Take a look at the image below:

Image result for cross eye 3d

If you’re not familiar with cross eye 3D images like the one above, the way it works is that you sit back and cross your eyes until you start seeing a third image form in the middle. Once you’re able to stabilize your eyes, the image in the middle will suddenly gain depth and you will see it in 3D. Take your time and practice because it’s worth it. My theory is that we need to do the same trick on a consciousness level by crossing our two inner eyes; not our physical ones. Our two inner eyes are our intuition and our intellect. Each of those sees the world differently and they are often at odds. Men mostly dominate the intellect area whereas women are more intuitive. Once intellect and intuition realize that they shouldn’t be at odds and that each one of their perspectives of reality is equally valid, all they need to do now is combine and form the third image which Jesus calls the Kingdom. I could be wrong but I don’t think the Kingdom you will enter when you do this is another realm of habitation which will suddenly appear before your eyes. May be that’s the case. But the whole idea is that once you’re able to do this trick, you won’t need to go anywhere. Everything can keep happening exactly the way it does and you will feel just as home as everywhere else. You will have no preference. All reality is equally joyful, even the “worst” aspects of it, or else we wouldn’t have chosen to participate in it in the first place.

Trying to enter the kingdom without acknowledging both aspects within us is no different than someone with one blind eye trying to see depth. You have to understand that when Jesus tries to explain this to people at the time, he sounds exactly like a person in the island of one eyed people trying to explain to them depth perception. There is nothing to “point at”. It’s totally “invisible”, yet so visible! Like the Kingdom, it’s right there in front of them, but they lack the second eye to generate it. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the merger between intellect and intuition gives you better depth in life.

The split of humanity into intuitive people and intellectual people is creating a collective partial blindness effectively making Earth the island of one eyed people. Sure, some people have the left eye blind and others have the right one blind. But they’re both partially blind which is the reason for the inability to see depth in life as a human civilization even if some individuals can see through this illusion. The intellectual people are obsessed with How things happen and the intuitive people are all about Why things happen. But, each one of those is useless by itself. Why do you want to know why things happen? What is this persistent need to find an answer? And we all know what happens when a Why question is answered; we ask another one! And we keep at it until we reach a dead end. Are the How people doing any better? Nope. Same exact problem. Every answer creates more questions. The Why people stop at God created the world. But why did God create the world? No answer. And even if answered, another Why question can be thrown in to finally paralyze you and exhaust your ability to find more answers. The How people end at the Big Bang. What happened before the Big Bang? No answers. If they found an answer, there will be another How question to ruin everything for them. It will never end. The only way this mess can end is by understanding simultaneously Why and How things happen the way they happen. Once the Why and the How merge, suddenly all questions will disappear. Not because you get all the answers, but because you lose the need to find answers to these questions. The problem wasn’t that you couldn’t find the answer, the problem is that you had an addiction, an intellectual form of greed. You then realize that the only question which mattered was “What!”. What is this reality? I don’t care Why it happened and I don’t care How it happened. What I really want to know now is “what” is it? And to answer this question, existence has infinite timelines and infinite Spirits exploring them. Existence itself doesn’t know what it is. It’s so complicated and infinite that it can never be understood all at once and so what we do is we take it piece by piece; sequentially. Why? To explore what it is. Not Why or How it is. These are just ludicrous questions. Why do you care How or Why things are the way they are? Do you plan on changing anything around here? Because it ain’t happening. We’re not changing the Natural Order of All Things to match your illusory concept of what it should be. So let it go with the How and Why questions. They stem from an inner urge to change the world to make it less confusing and scary for us. Humans really do think now that the universe and existence are flawed and that they need to “set things straight”. It’s adorable. The only question worth exploring is What. What is this reality? And the approach to the question is not that of a scared person anticipating an answer to deal with their fear, the approach is the same which you have when you wonder “what is this movie about?” That’s it. It’s that chilled, relaxed, and fun. But imagine while watching an intense movie, someone keeps interrupting your experience to “wonder” and ask Why the writers wrote the movie the way it was written and How they shot the movie? Is that the time for this? I mean, I am sure this will be amusing trivia for later. But for now, the only relevant question is What is the movie?

But humans are unable to perceive their reality this way. Ironically, the only choice left for them is to wonder Why and How things happen. But that’s okay too! It’s part of your “plan” for you to be that confused and to act so irrationally. We can’t blame humans for doing this. It must happen. Their one eyed perspective is making them cursed into asking these irrelevant questions. This is partly because of some event in our past, possibly genetic modifications; which crippled our ability to combine intuition and intellect; but it goes even beyond that in the “past”. Remember, I am not saying to be good at both separately. I am saying to literally combine them so as to be a new unique merged whole.


The screenshot above showing a lightning bolt splitting the brain into two hemispheres with a serpent like creature to its right is from the YouTube short I, Pet Goat II.

More from Thomas: “On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?” andWhen you make the two into one, you will become children of Adam, and when you say, ‘Mountain, move from here!’ it will move.

Before we “became two” we didn’t feel alone in our head the way we do now. Our experience of ourselves and the outside world was one. You could literally feel the rest of the world as an extension of your physical body. When you merge the two into one, suddenly, you will be surprised (and delighted) to know that nothing in the universe is happening in opposition to what you really want. You will feel as if you’re the one moving the entire universe with your thoughts, hence the phrase “and when you say, ‘Mountain, move from here!’ it will move” This doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly going to gain control over the universe and start moving mountains, but it means that you have always controlled the whole universe; it’s just now that you realize it. Nothing will happen any differently. Many people see this as a crazy idea. “What do you mean I will control the universe? Doesn’t the universe have other people living in it? What about them? What if what I want opposes what another enlightened person wants?” Well, the idea is that this is impossible. The only way you will want what you want is only if everyone else wanted what they wanted. Your “wants” are literally shaped by the wants of everyone else, and everyone else’s “wants” are shaped by yours. This way, everyone will want the same one Big thing. Who else did you think you are other than all of existence from your perspective? Did you really think you are “separate” by any measurement whatsoever? The universe is the collective result of what every one wants. Everything in the universe is exactly the way everyone in it really wants. I don’t mean what you want in your current state while reading these words, because this version of you is clueless. The awakened version of you, (which you will never disagree with even if you fooled yourself into thinking so), is the one participating in shaping the universe in harmony with every living being in existence. This way, everyone, even when suffering from massive illusions will still just as effectively participate in shaping the universe even when feeling isolated from it, and when enlightened, will simply remember that fact and instead of feeling isolated they will feel as if the entire universe is their physical body and every event in that universe will feel to them the same way you feel when you pick up a glass of water and drink it.

This is how I interpret the verse about you being one then splitting into two. When you were one, you were enlightened and felt the universe as part of you. There was no separation. But now that we became two, we feel as though there is someone trapped behind our eyes looking through those eyes into the “world outside”. This artificial separation exists despite the fact that everything is demonstrably one. From this perspective, merging your own consciousness with the outside world would be “making the two into one”. But how can this be done? Well, to answer that we have to understand why the feeling of separation from the rest of the universe and feeling alone in our heads happens. What does this feeling consist of? The experience you have as a conscious observer that you’re alone is a persistent side effect of your ignorance about why everything in existence has to be the way it is. Any lack of understanding of why things have to happen the way they happen will instantly create a degree of loneliness. The amount of ignorance to the inner workings of all existence is proportional to the amount of loneliness you feel in your head. The more ignorant you are to how reality works, the more you will feel at odds with it, the more you will feel threatened by it because it’s behaving unpredictably and it’s punishing you for living life by your own rules. Naturally, you will be bitter, angry, jealous, impatient, scared, and nearly every bad adjective imaginable.

On the other hand, every good habit stems from the acknowledgement of this self evident fact which is that things must happen the way they do. Patience, acceptance, faith, humility, forgiveness, and love all stem from acknowledging that things only happen the way they should happen. Nothing more and nothing less. Take a second and examine each one of the previous values against the acknowledgement of this fact and see for yourself. But the most important thing you gain from accepting reality for what it is, is that you feel less lonely in your head. You gradually make friends with more and more elements of reality only to eventually realize that the reality you have opposed all your life and then “made friends with” is actually the rest of you! Only then will you realize that everything, good and bad, happened not only with your consent, but you participated in its authoring and creation. So there is in fact two you(s). A “you” which is isolated and confused about how everything works and therefore feels lonely, the other is still you but it can see everything the way it is without illusion or distortion. You can consider the other you to be all of existence minus the you who is reading these words and feeling confused about the world. These are the “two” Jesus says should be made into “one”. Once the you who is trapped in the illusion (of thinking that things can go differently) joins the rest of existence, all questions will disappear (not necessarily answered), loneliness will be gone, and you will feel home. The world which one day seemed alien to you will prove to you that you’re the one who was alien to it; but that’s okay because that too is part of your plan. There is no need to wallow in sorrow and regret; because doing so means that you still don’t understand existence and still are at odds with it.

From a negative perspective, this sounds like when you tell someone to just enjoy getting raped to make the experience easier and faster for everyone. And if you see it like that, that’s fine. But one day you will see things for how they really are, where no one is really raping anyone. When you look at all of existence in its totality, you can liken it to one human being. This human can’t possibly be “raped” because there is no one else to rape him. The same applies to enslavement. A human being can’t “really” enslave himself. He can pretend to do it, he can imagine that others are doing it and imagine himself trying to get out of it. But he knows deep deep inside that no one is “out there to get him”. Because he is all that there is. Therefore, everyone is doing exactly what they want to do even if they don’t fully realize it. It’s a tough one to accept. But children find a lot of facts tough to accept. They grow out of it eventually and look back and say “what was I thinking?”

There are various ways to describe what Jesus called “making two into one”. One of them is reconciling false dichotomies. A false dichotomy is a trick which is designed to fool you into thinking that the same one thing is actually two opposing things. There are tons of those. For example, when a ruling elite wishes to ensure that they control their people, they provide them with a fake presidential competition to make some people vote for one guy and the rest vote for the other guy where in fact both guys report to the same boss. The moment you realize that both candidates represent the same ruling elite, you will have solved that puzzle. You will have “made the two into one”. Evolution vs Creationism, Freewill vs Determinism, Monism vs Dualism, Subjectivity vs Objectivity, and Nature vs Nurture are all examples of false dichotomies.


The distinction between Freewill and Determinism is a false dichotomy

There is literally a countless number of false dichotomies. But they all branch off from exactly one common ancestor false dichotomy; our understanding of the world vs what the world actually is. This means that your understanding of the world, faulty as it maybe, is not really different than or separate from what the world is. Your faulty understanding of the world is part of what the world is. No contradiction there. People who can see the truth but still get mad at those who don’t see it are only looking at half the truth. They can’t see the same world from their perspective. People who live in illusion can’t see the truth at all. “Making the two into one”in this case is understanding both the truth and why those who can’t see it can’t see it, ultimately letting go of all judgement. And so it’s useless to try to “resolve” the illusion, because doing so implies that this illusion shouldn’t be happening. No, it should be happening otherwise it wouldn’t have happened! It will resolve itself without you trying to do anything just like a flu. I am not advocating not trying to resolve the illusion either. All I am saying is that you can’t do things other than those you will do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing something you will do. If you were meant to be enlightened you will be enlightened without even trying. If you’re not meant to be enlightened you will not be enlightened no matter how hard you try. And those who try too hard to be enlightened even though they’re not ready yet need to be doing that in order to understand that they can’t take shortcuts. Fundamentally, I am not asking you to do anything. I am simply trusting that you will do everything right, even if everything you do is a mistake. Making mistakes is doing things right. They must happen. How else do we learn? Isn’t it by embracing our failures? Isn’t failing what makes us better? How can we hate it then? Then again, if you hated it, that’s fine too. You had to. Don’t regret it. All I am saying is that reality will happen as it should and there is nothing anyone can do about it, in fact everyone is doing something about it already and the result is: the world as it is. Everyone likes everything the way it is; even if they protest in the streets and yell at everyone because the world is a “horrible place”.

You can see this as being a slave to your own choices. But the definition of freedom is to have full control over your own destiny; to do things as you see fit. In a sense, you want to be a slave for no one except yourself; which is the case. You’re only a slave if someone “else” enslaved you but there is no one else but you (if we count the rest of you or the rest of all existence which you can’t immediately see your relationship to). Those negative entities who are enslaving you? They are also you, you just don’t remember it. And so they’re doing what both you and them subconsciously agree should be done.

So whatever you have to do in this world, be it sitting to meditate or engaging in materialistic affairs, is what you need to be doing according to your own transcendent standards. You, not anyone else, wouldn’t want to do anything any other way. It’s just that everyone has their own unique path. When we meet someone who’s in a different place in their own path we either get jealous because they are “better than us” or pitiful when they’re “worse than us”. This crossing of people’s paths is exactly like forcing kindergartners and college students to attend the same class. The more it happens, the more conflicts arise. Any attempts to maintain the balance in such classroom will only be temporary; for the balance is artificially imposed. It has to be enforced with force, fear, and intimidation. But hey, if it happened, then it had to happen so that everyone learns that it’s counterproductive to have children and grown ups in the same class. In the age of the internet, humans are faced with the exceedingly difficult test of watching millions of other learning paths through their computer screen and having enough self control to:

1- Not try to take shortcuts in order to be as “successful” as those they see online

2- Not pity those who are “unfortunate”

Trying to cheat reality and achieve premature and unearned success is something which reality will punish you for no matter how hard you try. Ever wonder why all those people who win lots of money always end up wasting all of it becoming even poorer than before? That’s because they tried a shortcut and reality is just correcting them. If they had the ability to maintain this amount of money, they would have had the money from the beginning not needing to win it. But because they don’t have the mental capacity to maintain this amount of money, they lose all the money and end up exactly where they need to be. No judgement or real “punishment” happened. Reality just sorted itself out according to the very laws everyone agreed on. How about those who start from below zero? Did their difficult life stop them from becoming billionaires? History is full of examples of that as well. These are people who didn’t find all the obstacles of life hard enough to stop them from creating their fortune. No matter how hard life hits them they end up exactly where they need to be; billionaires. In light of this, I personally define Karma as the amount of deviation (in your understanding) from what reality actually is in any given area. For example, thinking that you can easily make lots of money while lacking the skill to accumulate it is Karma you have to balance. You don’t have to do anything yet. The mere delusion that you can make tons of money where in fact you can’t is already Karma which you have to work out. Karma is not some punishment and reward system. It’s just how much you understand the world and what will happen to you if you don’t understand it. The only way to balance this Karma is to actually try and fail so many times in accumulating lots of money in order to understand why the belief that you can easily make money is a false belief. It has to be demonstrated to you. You will have to start many businesses and they all have to fail. If you’re the type who tries to understand why the business failed, you will not make the same mistakes next time and you will have resolved part of your Karma. Eventually once the lesson is fully learned, you will have “made the two into one”. The two were: your beliefs about your skill to accumulate money vs your actual skill to accumulate money. The thing is: you don’t have to get better at making money in order to resolve this Karma. Having the correct estimation of your ability to begin with means no Karma, but then if you wanted to improve your ability you will have to take a leap of faith into the unknown and this inevitably will create Karma because you’re in a new territory you don’t understand and Karma is like a bridge between Truth and your ignorance/understanding of it. I will expand on that in a different article. For now, all you need to do is to be honest with yourself and not lie to yourself. Just have the correct view on exactly how much money you’re able to generate in your life. I will give you a hint: it’s exactly the same amount of money you already have. Isn’t that just a really long way of telling you to accept reality for what it is? The very same you who had “bad money skill Karma” to take care of may have no Karma in other areas; like playing Basket Ball. If your idea of how good you are at Basket Ball is in line with how good you actually are, you won’t have to work out any Karma at all. But then maybe you surprise yourself and discover that you’re actually better than you thought you are. If that was the case, it’s also another example of Karma which you had to work out. Underestimating your own ability will create Karma which you have to compensate for.

So what is suffering? Suffering is the experience of a deluded individual when reality pulls him/her back to itself. Think of it like an elastic band attached to a pole. The further away you stretch the band/your delusions, the harder reality will pull you back towards it creating an stronger impact. This impact is what we call suffering. The stronger the impact the more suffering you will experience which itself exactly equals the amount of delusions you have regarding any given topic. It’s a perfectly natural process. There is nothing evil or wrong about it. It has to happen. It always happened and will always happen forever. Don’t fool yourself. If suffering was capable of ending, it would have done so a long time ago. Suffering is here to stay. But why? Why does there have to be suffering? Well, because there will always be people who have delusions and reality will always be there to correct them and they will always perceive this correction as suffering. But why do people have to have delusions? Can’t people just see things for what they really are without delusions and still enjoy existence and have fun without suffering? Firstly, this is already what’s happening. You’re not actually suffering. But I know this sounds outrageous, so I will give you another answer: No. The rest of this article will expand on this “No”.

You see, if you remember my 12 Revelations article, I described (in point 12) how we ended up here. It wasn’t an act of evil or anything. It was because of the incompetence of the Creator Spirit which authored our world. This spirit, though mighty in power, has to deal with difficulties just as you. These difficulties stem from its inability to comprehend the Natural Order of All Things, aka, the ability to perceive reality for what it is. But that’s totally fine. It’s not a surprise. So the origin of suffering and what we call “evil” is ultimately incompetence. The question now is what is the origin of incompetence? The origin of incompetence is the inability to see reality for what it is which can only happen when your perception of reality is limited. If we were to remove all the perceptual limitations humans (or any other conscious beings for that matter) “suffer” from, incompetence will be impossible. But then you will find that there is nothing to do. The only reason we “do” anything at all is because our perception of ultimate reality is limited (by choice I might add), and so you automatically seek to transcend this limitation in perception and go back home. By the time you make it back home, you will have had to learn all the lessons and you will have had all the fun experiences possible in this one ride. This is the only drive for all mortal existence. Once you create a human being, automatically and without anyone having to teach it anything, it will acknowledge that something is missing and that there is more to reality and it will start seeking it like a programmed AI. You can’t not do it even if you wanted to. But why do spirits cripple their perception and risk losing their perfect understanding of reality committing incompetent acts which eventually lead to evil and suffering? Because ultimate reality is so impossibly infinite and incomprehensible that it can’t even comprehend itself. And so on a mission to understand what it is, it breaks itself into quantized sequential pieces the same way you divide a movie into frames and then view them sequentially creating the illusion of flow. If someone showed you all the frames of a movie all at once, you will comprehend none of it. So what you do is that you choose to divide the movie into single frames and then arrange those frames sequentially and take a tour of the whole thing piece by piece.

You see, there is this balancing relationship between completeness and coherence. You have to sacrifice a lot of completeness if you want to be coherent, and vice versa. For example, while I write this article, I am fighting hard to balance between all the info I have to show you and how to make this info short, coherent, and sequentially fun for you to read. Inevitably, I ended up with a long article still which I am not sure is even fun to read. But I am doing my best. When you see an amazing nature scene and you want to take a picture, what you do is focus on a meaningful object and try to capture it. A flower. That’s very cohesive but very incomplete. The sky is missing and the water too. So you try a wider zoom revealing more of the scene. Now we’re telling a bigger story than the flower story. This one is more complete and less cohesive/precise. Now take a 360 picture of everything, and all of a sudden you are limited by the viewing angle of your own eyes. So you couldn’t even see the entire 360 picture all at once even if you tried to. You will still have to see it one part at a time. This crippling of scope is necessary to produce coherent results. You can’t look at a 360 picture all at once. You have to see it piece by piece. But always remember: just because you can change which part of the picture to examine doesn’t mean that you can change the picture itself. The picture is eternal and unchanging. Your perspective is the one changing.

So then, you must realize that at some point in your existence you decided to cripple your own perspective in order to perceive the Truth coherently. And depending on the manner in which you choose to cripple yourself, you will experience this same eternal Truth from an infinitely unique perspective. This perspective is so infinitely rare that it’s worth going after no matter how “bad” it can be perceived by us humans. Because there is only one of a kind of it in all existence. But then again, every other unique perspective has the exact same value! Which means that they, the perspectives, are all equally worth seeking. The most expensive currency in all existence is also the most abundant. This is what Grace truly means. The currency is “a unique perspective of Truth which can be found no where else in it”. Believe me, in a world as boring as ultimate reality, no life is too bad for you to be in. From your tiny perspective, you can see your life as meaningless and even horrible. But it’s just as beautiful, meaningful and worthy of living as every other life ever lived. Every spirit is the most expensive currency in all existence by virtue of its potential to generate infinitely unique experiences. Realizing this intellectually and feeling it with your heart will have a very positive effect on you.

The manner in which your perspective of Truth is crippled is a choice you made, and based on it, everything which happened to you happened the way it happened. If you’re looking for someone to blame for “all your problems”, it’s the way you crippled your own perspective in order to coherently understand the Truth in a unique matter. This limitation in perspective is what defines the you who (falsely but understandably) thinks it’s separate from this world. I am starting to think this is what Jesus means by “seeds” in the Gospel of Thomas. If not, then the analogy still stands. It’s also a technical term used in many software programs and programming. “Random seeds” are random numbers based on which everything will be determined. I will create another post to discuss the significance of seeds, and how there is a difference between limiting perspectives (which is self inflicted) and distorting them; which is an extra layer of difficulty we have to deal with after it was inflicted upon us by other negative entities. But then again at the biggest scale, both the limitation and distortion are still ultimately self inflicted. Just because “negative entities” added distortion to our already limited scope to make things even harder for us doesn’t mean that this wasn’t self inflicted. It ultimately is.

Jesus said, “The Father’s kingdom is like a person who has [good] seed. His enemy came during the night and sowed weeds among the good seed. The person did not let the workers pull up the weeds, but said to them, ‘No, otherwise you might go to pull up the weeds and pull up the wheat along with them.’ For on the day of the harvest the weeds will be conspicuous, and will be pulled up and burned.”

This is similar to when the military plans to bomb terrorists but terrorists hide among civilians so bombing the entire city and killing innocent people doesn’t sound like the best plan. Instead, Jesus explains the more responsible plan which is to wait for the day of harvest when all the good seeds will have inevitably unfolded and the bad seeds or weed will be so clear and safer to pick up and burn.

Whether our perspective is being distorted or just limited doesn’t change the fact that we all act upon what our predetermined seed is shaped like. Really, the real choices only happen during the shaping of a seed, everything after that is just sit and watch.

“Because you didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it.” -The Oracle from The Matrix

In other words, you’re here to see the unfolding and manifestation of the choices you made when you created your own spirit seed. A seed produces a tree, and a spirit seed produces all your life choices (which when drawn will look like a tree). You don’t get to change your choices after having made them.

Every living being in all existence seeks the fun of undoing the very crippling they inflicted upon themselves. A process which happens automatically without having to teach people spirituality, meditation, or religion. You can just as equally work on transcending your crippled perspective in any given lifestyle. The lessons you need to learn will always find a way to manifest themselves in every aspect of your life. You can’t escape these lessons. If you decide to say “screw this, I am just gonna stay in my room and play video games forever”; that’s fine as well. But you won’t be able to get better at the video games you’re playing without resolving the life lessons you need to learn even within the game you’re playing. When I play online competitive video games, I find myself having to do be mindful, patient, cooperative, and most importantly, having to understand the rules of the game without trying to take shortcuts. Those who try to take shortcuts in life are the same people who play a video game and try to cheat. If they do, they will never get actually better at the game and will lose whenever they participate in a real competition. This way, the lessons found their way into their escapist solution too. You can’t run from your task to transcend your limited perspective of the world which you imposed upon yourself.

So why do you want to escape? Where do you want to escape to? A world where everything is done the way you want? Have you got all the wisdom in the universe to decide how anything at all should be? Don’t you realize that wanting anything to be other than it should be requires changing everything else in the entire universe just to accommodate for your childish desires? It’s very simple. We’re acting like children who see the corrective actions of their parents/Karma as “evil” and they “suffer” and cry when the candy is taken away from them. If they had it their way? They would have the whole world full of candy forever. But they can’t. So what happens is that they grow up and see that their parents were right and look back at their childish opposition to reality and think “well, I was a child. How can you blame me?” Exactly. Don’t blame yourself for what you did, do, or will do. Don’t even blame yourself for what you didn’t do, for you couldn’t have possibly done it even if the universe restarts 1 billions times. You’re only doing the one thing you can do: being yourself. You can’t not be yourself if you tried. For who will you become if you stopped being yourself? Since you’re here to stay, just accept the way you react to things because it’s the way of all existence. There is no need to escape anywhere. You’re exactly where you need to be.